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Welcome to the BYOBag Warwick (BYOBW) Blog. BYOBW is a group that cares about the environmental health and well being of our community and how what we do here relates to the the entire Earth community. At present, we are focusing our efforts on legislation to “ban the bag” (single-use bags) in Warwick.

With each post we will attempt to share information, sometimes entertain, and most importantly inspire conversation and action here in Warwick.

To start, I’m happy to report that BYOBW is participating in the Warwick Summer Arts Festival.

We are excited to announce that the animated short film, “Think Outside The Bag” (by our own Christy Erfer of illustrated-ideas.com) was presented at the Warwick Drive-In on Thursday, July 23rd, along with other works by local and regional filmmakers. Christy’s film explains why single-use bags are unhealthy and what we can do about it.

In addition, we will be at Stanley Deming Park on Saturday, July 25th, from 1-4 PM (maybe later) to introduce ourselves, hand out our new informational brochure, talk about our upcoming kids’ poster contest, and discuss the “plastic problem”. Joining us will be Mary Bono of Snooze Crafts. Mary is a talented artist/designer who creates beautiful purses and totes using plarn, which is yarn made from single-use plastic bags. She will be demonstrating this technique and have samples of her work on hand.

Thanks for reading our first blog-post. We’ll be posting more information about the “plastic problem” and all that goes along with it at byobag.sustainablewarwick.org, and on Facebook at BYOBag Warwick.

Let me leave you with this; one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually around the globe. In America, we use 100 billion single-use plastic bags every single year. That’s the equivalent of one bag per person per day here in the U.S.! At BYOBW, we took that number (365) and multiplied it by the population of Warwick. It turns out we use over 11 million single-use plastic bags year after year in our hometown!

We hope to see you at the Arts Festival!

Post by Michelle Desveaux

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