BYOBag Week-What a Time!

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BYOBag Week- What a Time!

After ta9.20-FarmMarket-11king some time off, I’m back to report that BYOBag Warwick Week was a huge success!! Our house-of-bags and bag monster created quite a buzz and attracted many visitors to our booth at the Warwick Farmers’ Market on both opening and closing day. Petition pages were filled with signatures and our totes flew out of our booth on the first weekend!! Everyone wanted a bag!! Patrons2-9:27:15It was a blast to see folks who had bought a bag the week before using them to shop the following Sunday! And it was heartwarming when people came over to thank us for what we’re doing and to let us know they feel as passionate as we do about our plastic pollution problem.



In case you were wondering…There were 1,539 single-use plastic bags in our house of bags!! The winner of our “guess the number of bags in our house-of-bags” contest was Bridget Wallace who guessed 1,555. The prize was a nifty glass beverage cup with stainless steel straw, a gift certificate to Eat Sweet and a BYOBag Warwick market tote. Each time Bridget brings her reusable glass to Eat Sweet, she’ll get a 25 cent discount!!

Guess Bags Prize

We made a splash around town as well. Many of the participating merchants who carried our tote, stuffed with coupons that they generously donated, sold out within the week. Our “think outside the bag” video ( was shown at the Warwick Drive-In as well as theaters in Monroe and Newburgh. ShopRite had a sale on reusable produce bags, showed a short version of “think outside the bag” and was happy to allow us to post signs among the veggies in the produce department encouraging folks to go green. In fact, the head manager would like to continue displaying our signs and will display the winning posters from the Children’s BYOBag Poster Contest (See post from 9/19)!! Price Chopper donated art supplies to give to the children who participated in the poster contest and has put up a display of all the entries.










To top it off, on September 30th, The Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted our presentation entitled “What’s the Bag Deal” as a part of their community education program.

Thanks to all the participating merchants, The Warwick Farmers’ Market, ShopRite, Price Chopper, The Lions, The Chamber of Commerce and of course Team BYOBag!!!

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