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There are great prizes!

The winners will be displayed at the library.

WHO: Kids between age 6 and 14

WHAT: Create a BRING YOUR OWN BAG poster

WHERE: Submit posters to your library

WHEN: Posters are due August 29

Any Medium Accepted





* Poster size is 11”x17”

Make sure you add your name, age and phone number to the back of your poster.


Stores give free plastic bags to all of their customers, so lots of bags get thrown out after they have just been used once (or maybe twice). Plastic bags end up stuck in trees, clogging drains, floating down rivers and poisoning the ocean. All of that is unnecessary. If we get into the habit of carrying our own bags to the store, there would much less garbage. But habits can be hard to change. That’s where your poster comes in. You can help people remember to bring their own bag when they shop. When everyone does their small part, we will have a BIG impact!

Post by Matthew Finn


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  1. Christy
    | Reply

    Really looking forward to seeing what our creative Warwick youth will do with this! Come on kids, show the town how easy it is to leave single use plastic bags behind when you choose to Bring Your Own Bag!

    • byobagwarwick
      | Reply

      Happy to report we have close to 20 entries! And the winners are…..

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